29 May 2016

Sorting out motor height and prop testing.

Original prop Enertia 18P. 6100rpm 40mph.

4 blade Powertech 17P SFS4 prop. 6000rpm. 40mph.

Lifted one hole.

Motor too low.

Moved motor up one hole.

4 Blade prop.

05 May 2016

Console wiring. Other bits.

LED Lighting.

 Console fuse box.

 Transom fuse box.

Wiring harness for navigation lights on T Top.

Usb outlets.

Green zones displayed on ipad, clearer to see then Navionics.

Upgraded batteries.
104ah AGM deep cycle. 800cca start AGM.

 6mm optically clear acrylic for windshield.

Cam mount.


Longer transom bolts fitted with 10mm backing plate.


Grab handle welded to bait board.

 Trial fitment of T-top.