06 June 2014

Bow Spit

I made my Bow spit different to the original plans using 4 mm material.

Cutting out sides and bottom.

 Back gouging weld.

 Tacked in place.

 Bottom piece clamped in place.

 Completed  bow spit.

I'm not going to weld the bow roller brackets on yet as the boat 
will be too long for the Garage.


  1. Looking awesome Craig! Love the shot of the boat poking out of the Garage! Done some testing offshore recently, extremely happy with the boat, averaged 0.36L of fuel per km which is great! Keep up the good work mate, Cheers Bill.

    1. Thanks Bill.
      I was going to email you about your Suzuki Stats. Fuel figures sounds great , what's the wot and cruise speeds? Have you had yours on the weigh bridge yet?

  2. Hi mate,
    Suzie has been awesome, 2 up, game fishing gear onboard, full tank of fuel, 1.5-2m swell and cruising above 20knots she does 0.36 litres per km so that's well over 300km for the standard 120L tank, very, happy with that. WOT with the 3 bladed, 17" prop is pretty quick, lets just say it's too quick! I am thinking of trying a 4 bladed prop for better planing and trolling efficiency but less top end. A 115hp may work better if you plan on taking 4 blokes offshore all the time but if it's just you and a buddy or two most times then the 90hp is plenty. Haven't put her on the weighbridge yet but it will be around 1.5T for sure on the trailer. PS: Get the trolling switch, worth it's weight in gold! Best thing about this hull is that it is very soft riding, I had a Seafarer Victory before this, awesome boat but not as soft riding as the CNC machine which is 1m shorter than the Victory. Once I get more trips offshore I will have better stats, weather hasn't been great in Sydney last two weeks outside.

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