21 June 2014

Internal welds-Frames, Stringers, Seams.

Started welding out last weekend.
Spent a whole weekend on just the the stringers with over 500 70mm welds done.
Starting from the centre I welded from left to right, front to back in a criss cross pattern trying not to 
put too much heat in any one particular place.

T&R settings. 138amps, 1.8 hz double pulse, -2 inductance.
Special trigger mode hot start enabled.

Weld print through underneath.

06 June 2014

Bow Spit

I made my Bow spit different to the original plans using 4 mm material.

Cutting out sides and bottom.

 Back gouging weld.

 Tacked in place.

 Bottom piece clamped in place.

 Completed  bow spit.

I'm not going to weld the bow roller brackets on yet as the boat 
will be too long for the Garage.

04 June 2014


 70mm stitch welds under gunnel's.

T&R settings. 96-100 amps, 1.5Hz double pulse. inductance -2.
Special trigger mode hot start enabled.

01 June 2014

Sides on. Anchor well. Frame stiffeners.

 Temporary timber frame erected the night before for hoisting up the sides.
The timber came from the pellets for the aluminium.

 Stem bar going in.

 Decided to fit the anchor well frame before fitting the sides.

 Lug for a d shackle for the end of the anchor rope.

 Fitting frame stiffeners.

 First side going up.

 Tacked at the rear and slowly working forward.

 One side done.

 Starting port side

 Every thing is lining up correctly.

 Sides on!!