04 November 2014

Trim Tabs

Marking out the position for the doubler plates.

This piece will be tacked inside the transom for the actuator mounting point.


Relocating.  Hull went onto the trailer quite easily.


  1. Hi Craig,
    You are a clever and very skilled builder! Wish I had your blog to go by when I was building my boat! How did you get those trim-tab doubler's to look so good? Can't see the welds.
    Cheers, Bill.

  2. Thanks Bill.
    Yeah mate the tab doublers came out nice. Nothing special done with them. Used the tig to weld them on. 2 passes, one with good penetration then the next one was a light pass to wash the weld to the edges so I could sand flush. Sanding was done with a 60 flap and 60 orbital.

  3. Anonymous16/1/15

    Any updates on the Craig?
    Ive been following closely, looks good.

  4. Hi mate, no updates yet.
    I've relocated and haven't set up the new shed yet....soon.
    Few pics above on the trailer.