22 March 2014

Assembly of hull

Bottom Plates chocked up 230mm.

Frame 1 tacked in.

Frames 1-4 were easily tacked in place.

Full length 4mm stringers going in.

Getting ready for frame 5.

Had trouble getting the bottom plates to meet at the bottom of 
frame 5. See the gap at the keel. 

I used two lengths of timber and ratchet straps to force the bottoms up.
The top piece of timber has a slit routed through it so it slots onto the top of the frames.

Some of the transom braces fitted.
100 x 10mm flat bar braces are tacked across the
back of frame 1 to keep it flat.

Frame 6.

Some pulling tags welded on.

Cheap $30 dollar 2 tonne winches easing the hull into shape.

Pulling bottom seam together.
Nice and flush.
Pulse migs are nice and clean-no splatter.
The black soot just wipes off with a rag.

Pointy end done.

Made up some dollies to go under the hull before chines are fitted.

Chines are next to go on.

All done for the weekend.
Using an iphone for a camera. The pics look shorter horizontally and taller then what it actually is.
That's a 1mtr steel ruler standing up the side,

Couldn't help myself. Had to tack the transom up while this rain is about.

Aft deck plates fit up is good.
Strong back supporting transom.

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