08 March 2014

Bait board (updating)

My own design using left over scrap plate.

770mm wide  x 400mm high x 400mm deep.

Using  a jig saw and hole saws to cut the 5mm main frame out.

Top section

Started cutting out the bait box using  3mm ali.

Bait tank and sides.

Checking for fit.

Tacking in centre divider.

Ends Tacked.

Ends tig welded. These will be sanded flush later.

Centre baffle welded on both side

Welds are water tight.

Internal welds complete.

4mm groove cut down the centre of top plate to weld in centre baffle.

Tank fully welded.

Welded 25mm box onto leading edge of sides for looks.

Sides tacked on.

Fitting 60mm x 6mm flat bar for the back section.

Tapered the edges of the f/bar down to meet flush with the sides.

Sanding back weld.

Back completed.

Inside fully welded.

Using some 10mm round bar for the front lip.

Weld then sanded flush. Gives a clean look.

Rod holders and brackets cut. Using 50mm x 3mm tube and
50mm x 25mm channel.

Preparing to weld.

10mm round bar for stops.

Bait board completed.

The size of a double kitchen sink.

Ftted some Tenob rod holder inserts.

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